About Walee

How much can I earn every month?

There is no fixed limit of earning as it will depend on the Campaigns you’re awarded and your performance.

How much can I earn from an Opportunity?

Earn as much as you want! Your final amount will depend on the Campaigns you worked on and how well you performed to meet targets.

Am I eligible to apply for a Walee account?

As an Influencer, you should ideally be at least 18 years old, must have a CNIC card and ideally have at least 1,000 people in your main social media network comprising, for example, authentic followers, friends, family, classmates or colleagues. You can be based anywhere in the world, but will need to have an account with a local payment provider such as JazzCash, or a bank, to receive payments.

I don’t have a bank account yet, can I still open a Walee account?

Without a bank account, you can still sign up to Walee, apply for Opportunities and earn. When you are ready to transfer your Pocket balance, you need to have set up a bank account where we can transfer your earnings - we support more than 30 options.

Where can I download the Walee app from?

Download the latest version of iOS or Android app from Walee or from the AppStore and Google Playstore

Why install the Walee app?

By downloading the Walee app, you can easily keep updated and manage Opportunities, your Pocket and events. The app will notify you of anything that needs your immediate attention, like being awarded an Opportunity.