System error messages displayed

No Internet. Please check your internet connection

This message means you are trying to login with a disabled data connection. Ensure you have an active internet connection. Then check that there are no Known Issues that may be affecting your link, such as internet connectivity to Pakistan. If you have, try to close the app and open it again.

Incorrect email or password. Are you registered?

This message is shown when you are trying to login with an incorrect email or password. Ensure you are using your registered Email Address setup at account creation time. If your issue persists, please Report a system or login problem

You need your profile to be completed and verified to apply for Opportunities

This message is shown when you try to apply to Opportunities Opportunities when you have an incomplete Profile Profile. To resolve this issue, complete your Profile and submit for quick approval by going to visiting your profile page now

Amount exceeds balance

This message is shown if your Pocket Balance is less than your Cash out request.

Your account is deactivated

This message is displayed when your Walee account is no longer operational. If you believe this is in error, Report system or login issue here