What are the different account types on Walee?

Walee has two account types:

  1. Influencer - you can earn by promoting and selling sponsored products, services, or messages to your followers and network, like family and friends

  2. Business - you can promote or sell your products and services by creating and running campaigns using influencers

Do I need two different profiles - one for my web account and another for the Walee app?

You only need to sign up for one Influencer account. Your Email address and Password will be the same for both your app and web access. Note, if you decide to open a Business account, you cannot use the same Email address, instead use your official business Email address.

What is meant by Profile Completion?

Profile Completion means that you have forwarded valid and complete information about yourself so that you can only apply for Opportunities Opportunities. So, you should have completed a 4 step verification process located on your Profile Profile screen.

On my Profile screen I can see Pending - what is it?

Pending refers to the completion stage of your Profile Profile and states it is still being processed. This means you have submitted the requested information and document, and now your Profile Profile is awaiting review by Walee Support Team

What is meant by Profile Rejection?

If you have a Rejected Profile then it means you submitted incorrect and/or invalid profile information, for example your Full Name, Date of Birth, Proof of ID or your social media channels, which was not approved or accepted by the Walee Support Team

Why should I provide my bank details to complete my profile?

We need to ensure that Walee can efficiently transfer to your earnings and to do so, we need your Bank details to conduct Cash out transactions.

How long does it take to Validate my profile details?

Our Walee Services Team will review your details and will either Validate or Reject your Profile Profile, and depending on the accuracy of your information, it should generally take about one working day.