How Walee works

For Influencers

We believe individuals, like you, should be rewarded for your work based on results. That’s why we set-up an awesome platform where Businesses can collaborate with AffiliatesInfluencers and sales agents – to meet agreed targets, whether to promote brands, make sales or generate qualified leads.

Your success will depend on your skills, interest, availability and ambition. You choose whether you’re better suited to be an Influencer or whether you want to work purely as a sales agent, or even a bit of both! It’s up to you on how you’ll reach target audiences, when and where your job gets done, and how efficiently you deliver each Campaign’s requirements. Apply to opportunities you’re eligible for and that suits your strengths and interests, so pick product ranges and/or individual items you believe you could successfully represent. For example, as a makeup artist Influencer, you may want to promote and sell beauty products, cosmetics or skincare.

The business posting the Opportunity will review your interest and Profile. If you’re chosen, or awarded, then follow the Campaign details and start date to quickly meet your targets.

Walee is the easiest online Business partnership to start earning passive income – low-cost but high-profit Opportunities. All the challenges and rewards are your own, so your performance relies on your skill, determination and approach - best of luck!