Apply for Opportunities

How shall I select which Opportunity to apply for?

Carefully read the requirements for the Opportunity to make sure it is: of interest to you, you have the right Profile, have the right skills and you can fulfill what’s asked.

For example, if a food brand needs Influencers to cook a meal using a sponsored ingredient and you do not have cooking skills, your audience is only into fashion and you don’t know how to edit videos, then it’s probably not the right Opportunity for you.

How do I apply for an Opportunity?

To apply for an Opportunity follow these steps on Walee:

  1. Go to Opportunities Opportunities page by clicking on Opportunities icon from the bottom navigation bar

  2. Select on an Opportunity of your interest and click on the apply button

  3. Read the description of that Opportunity and if relevant and of interest, click on the apply button

  4. Answer questions for the Business to review - filling them in increases the application successful

  5. Click the apply button

  6. After submitting your application, the Business will review it by the Campaign deadline.

Do I need previous experience to apply for an Opportunity?

Every Opportunity will state whether you need previous work and/or Campaign experience required to apply, though our experience some Businesses do not make it a hard requirement. Ensure you keep your work Profile Profile updated at all times.

When applying for an Opportunity, the system message says “You need your Profile to be completed and verified in order to apply for Opportunities” - what shall I do?

If your Profile is Validated, you will see label of Completed on your Profile photo. If you cannot see a tick, then you need to update your Profile to apply for an Opportunity. Go to your Account Profile Profile and enter the missing information marked with an asterisk * and click submit. Our team will check your Profile within 48 hours and notify you by email to let you know when you can start earning.

I got an email/SMS that my Profile has been validated but still get the message: “You need your profile to be completed and verified” when I Apply - what shall I do?

Check that your Profile Profile is Validated. If not, first signout and then log back into the system and then check your Profile status again. If the problem is still there, please take a screenshot and Report system Issue

On how many Campaigns can I apply and participate at one time?

There is no limit to apply on Campaigns. You can apply on multiple Campaigns of your interest.

Who will do brand shoots?

The Opportunity will mention if they will organise and pay for any separate brand shoots.