Manage my Cash out using bank payments

When can I Cash out my pocket balance?

You can Cash out your Pocket Pocket any time, as long as you meet all criteria, including having a minimum Pocket balance. Note, you should account for bank’s timings for processing transactions which usually take place during banks’ working hours, so would exclude public holidays and weekends.

How can I Cash out my pocket balance?

Generally, you need at least Rs. 100 but this amount can vary, or change at any time.

How can I change my bank account details?

To change your bank account details:

  1. Go to Profile screen by clicking Profile Profile icon from bottom navigation bar

  2. Click on Pocket Pocket section

  3. From Pocket Pocket section, you can update your Bank Account Details

How long does it take to receive my Pocket balance in my bank account?

The time for you to receive payment depends on when you transferred your balance and to which type of account, whether a bank or a digital payment provider like JazzCash. If your Walee Pocket Pocket shows that the transfer is completed, then the funds are being processed by the bank system, outside of Walee. Payments take between one to two working days to process, so no activity happens on weekends and public holidays.

Will I be charged any fees for transferring my Pocket balance to my bank account?

Like other platforms, a reasonable administration charge and a low banking transfer fee that applies. At this stage, we are currently waiving bank transfer fees so it’s FREE for you!

What payment options are are available?

We cover more than 30 payment options covering banks and payment vendors. You can view the full list from your Pocket Pocket page and selecting bank form the list.