Platform access¶

To access our Platform, you must enter your current contact details such as your valid mobile or phone number. By submitting your contact details, you consent for us to contact you by calling on your phone number, sending SMS notifications or instant messages, and in the case of Profile Validation, sending notifications and text messages which may contain promotional offers, Service updates or invitations to participate in surveys, such as to review our Services’ quality. You may opt-out of subscriptions, Service and promotional updates, but not from important notifications related to compliance, Platform or Service use. In case of an incorrect or outdated mobile number or email address associated to your account, then any communication made by us using your details on your account shall still be deemed to effective. If we lose the means to contact you, that is your mobile number and/or email addresses are not working, then for safety reasons, we may temporarily block access to your account until you update your inaccurate contact information .